Profile :

Anup Y. Attavar is a Mechanical Engineer from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), with a PG in International Trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi. Anup’s schooling was completed at the well-known missionary school Loyola High School, Pune.
Anup has a multifaceted personality with substantial expertise in Creative Writing and Editing, Marketing and Production, and has effective Communication skills, excellent command over the English language, good analytical and inter-personal skills, all enhanced by a keen eye for detail. He perseveres to get the best out of his creative abilities, regularly raising the bar that automatically leads to high quality work. Anup has also written a book “World Famous Indian Scientists”.
Anup has provided academic support to young professionals from all over India and has been instrumental in the fulfillment of their aspirations of the pursuit of higher studies in the US, UK, Germany, etc.


Anup is ably supported by Vinay Sethi and Sandip Mukherjee.

Vinay SethiVinay Sethi, an MA in English, has a phenomenal grasp over English grammar and its vocabulary.  Vinay has written more than three hundred articles on English grammar. Additionally, he has ably guided hundreds of students in the writing of their SOPs and other required University essays. He has worked at a number of educational institutions and academies as well as for the corporate sector, guiding professionals in using better English skills, both when speaking and writing.
Vinay has a powerful approach that is fittingly inclined toward the writing of technical documents and can easily point out where the writer has erred, thereby leading not just to language control but also to the communication of correct and advanced technical knowledge. He is in great demand by students who wish to get professional advice in the writing of PhD theses.

Sandip Mukherjee, who is qualified as a graduate in Science from Calcutta University, holds a Post Graduate Qualification in Administration from Nanyang Business School, Singapore. Sandip, an ex-Army Major has rich Army experience, coupled with a successful track record in corporates like KPMG and has excellent Communication skills.
Sandip had started his career as an officer in the elite Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army and is a veteran of several operations. He was also posted as an instructor where he leveraged on his counselling and advisory skills to transform non-uniformed resources to a second line of defence for the country. Post his military tenure, he has led several corporate initiatives in large organizations and has a special interest in social responsibility projects.

Having gone through the admission process for MBA programs in several universities, Sandip has counselled and guided others in essay writing for MBA in foreign universities.    

Anup, Vinay and Sandip, in addition to being passionate about creativity, complement one another’s roles to perfection, blending professional expertise with sound managerial experience.
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Our Vision:
To be the most preferred platform for counselling and creative writing for our clients by creating value-added services.

Our Mission:
To share our knowledge and expertise including our skills so that these are utilized for the benefit of our students; to offer unparalleled services to our clients at affordable prices, thus endeavouring to establish ourselves as trusted and reliable business partners.

Our Values:
We strongly believe in integrity and honesty, an open and respectful culture, and accountability towards our clients and associates.

Our USP:
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